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Parenting Tip:

Responsive care for very young children sets the stage for learning. Such care does not produce a Self-centered or spoiled child. It teaches a child to trust, be curious, strive to learn new things, and be skillful in social interaction. All of these characteristics are essential to learning and school success.


  • the child's love for you

  • self-esteem, self-respect, self-acceptance - the child's, and yours

  • the child's respect for you

  • the child's capacity to live a healthy life with minimum stress and internal conflicts

  • the ability to accept responsibility

  • the capacity to love another person, or themselves

  • the right to a happy, loving, home, safe from fear

  • the child's creative drive, learning -  and later, earning - power

  • the chances of growing up to be non-violent parents and spouses

  • their parents' chances of evolving into happy, stress-free human beings