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FAQs for Preschool

Q. How Do I obtain an application form?

A. - An application form is available at Astrix Preschool office.

Working weekdays during 09.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs

Saturday between 10.00 hrs and 13.00 hrs

Q. What supplies do I need to send to school?

Snacks and Water Bottle
Handtowel / Napkins
Diapers (if not toilet trained)
One set of Dress

Q. Do I need to send specific snacks? If Yes, Please explain?

A. – Yes. Parents should avoid sending junk food as Snacks. The teachers will be more than happy to provide information to the parents on the benefits of a balanced diet.

Q. How do I know the performance of the child?

A. We are tracking the progress of the child through performance Report to capture the child’s progress in school. The Performance report will be reviewed with the parent on a periodic basis (Parents Teachers Meeting)

Q. What about children’s safety?

A. - We have developed comprehensive policy for children’s safety. During working hours, the school doors are locked and guarded. Besides, no stranger is allowed around classrooms. All electricity points accessible to a child are nullified/dummied. The furniture used in school is made of imported plastic and is safe for the children. In addition, Astrix employs 2 Class Helpers per class for Children between 1.5 to 3.5 years as they need the extra care and support towards meeting their daily needs.

Q. Is Astrix fee Structure high compared to other Pre-Schools?

A. – Astrix fee structure is very nominal and the facilities offered to the child are of supreme quality, which clearly distinguishes from all other Pre-Schools.

Q. How can Astrix Staff meet the needs of so many different children?

A. - Astrix staff spend time in teaching lessons combining the best of traditional teaching methods and new age methods.  They ensure that the environment in the classroom is physical, intellectual and socio-emotional in which children work at their will.

Q. What would be the most important advantage of keeping my 2-year-old son @ Astrix school?

A. - The teaching Method is focused on hands on learning and learning with understanding. More emphasis is laid on the process that facilitates child’s understanding the concept through practical application, rather than rote learning. Researches have shown that children in their early years learn spontaneously by observing.

Q. Since most children will eventually have to go to the formal schools, wouldn't it be better for them to make the transition in Kindergarten rather than in first grade.

A. -It has been observed that children passed out of Pre-schoosl have an excellent start as compared to students from other schools. The impression of the first school is laid deep in their hearts. The children are self-confident, independent and enthusiastic and generally adapt to all sorts of new situations. In addition to this, the curriculum also includes enriched lesson in Maths, reading, languages, science, geography and other cultural areas.

Q. Does the school have required number of staff to pay individual attention to every child?

A. – Yes. We have enough Teachers and care takers to pay individual attention to every child in our school.We always ensure child gets the attention, love and care at all times which obviously has a huge impact on child development.We maintain a healthy teacher student relationship of 1:16.